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We have been creating neighbourhoods on Bowen Island since 1988, when Wolfgang Duntz, together with a friend and local partner, bought 260 acres above Snug Cove which have since become known as Cates Hill. Eleven years later, Wolfgang and several friends/partners bought an additional 500 acres at Cowan Point.

Since then, both projects have developed into the two distinct neighbourhoods you see today.

Seymour Landing at Cowan Point is now owned by Bowen Island Properties Limited Partnership. The founder, Wolfgang Duntz, has been joined by new partners including Daron Jennings and the Jennings family who share the same vision for the project and its future that Wolfgang and his family have had for years.

Our purpose is to create neighbourhoods where people love to live.

Wolfgang Duntz shares thoughts about Bowen Island

Here’s a video in which Wolfgang shares thoughts about Bowen Island (it’s about 100 MB in size, so it may take a little while to download).


“The long-term vision of creating a community that flourishes on a foundation of artistic and cultural enterprises, supported by a varied and sophisticated range of hospitality, education/life-long learning, and maintenance of health, is beginning to take shape.” — Wolfgang Duntz

When Wolfgang first set foot on Bowen Island in 1976, he wrote to his wife in Germany that he’d found the place where they could spend the rest of their lives. The Duntz family settled in Canada in 1978 and in the decades since they have become mainstays of the Bowen Island community and passionate advocates for its future.

“At the time,” says Duntz, “my professional colleagues in West Van were shocked that I would choose to live on Bowen Island. But I had been raised in Europe and had travelled a lot. Everywhere I’d gone I’d seen that islands close to great metropolitan areas were the most cherished, the most valuable and the most desirable places to live.

“As Vancouver has grown up, people have come to appreciate Bowen Island for the jewel that it really is.”