Addition to Waterfront Park


Proposed Addition to Waterfront Park at Seymour Bay

September 20, 2014

At the time of the original comprehensive zoning for the Cowan Point lands in 2002, Block 1 (District Lot 1412, Plan 6372) was not available (its boundaries are shown in red on the map above). Block 1 is now included in the rezoning proposal.

As one of the community amenities in the proposal, it is proposed that the waterfront section of Block 1 (0.19 hectare, or 0.47 acre — approximately 25% of the area of Block 1) be added to the Municipally owned waterfront park at Seymour Bay.

It is also proposed that a portion of Beach Drive be closed and that the south portion of Block 1 be dedicated as an extension of Beach Drive (see the map above). The proposed new road will end at a turnaround for passenger drop off and pick up for the small passenger ferry to Vancouver and the North Shore. The portion of Beach Drive that is currently within the Municipal park (shown in dark green on the map above) would no longer be needed as a public road, and therefore could be integrated into the park.

We are concluding the planning for public access to Seymour Bay along the east boundary Area C, with a small waterfront park at the end. For more details about that planning as they become available, see Trails & Waterfront Access.