Community Dock


Photos of Historic Government Dock at Seymour Bay (courtesy of Bruce Johnstone)

September 20, 2014

We appreciate Bowen Municipal Council’s recommendation (as noted in a letter from Mayor Adelaar to Front Counter BC dated March 27, 2014) that an application to rezone the water area for a dock for public use at Seymour Bay be submitted. Our rezoning application in May 2014 and amended in September 2014 is, in part, is a response to that recommendation.

The proposed community dock will be in compliance with the Official Community Plan, which states as Objective 107: “To encourage public transit, including the future option for a passenger ferry to the mainland from Seymour Bay” and Policy 239: “Passenger-only ferry service is encouraged, provided parking and on-island transportation needs are addressed.”

The dock will not be as large as the historic government dock shown in the photos above because the passenger ferry will be quite a bit smaller than boats that landed at the historic dock.

It is proposed that the area for the community dock be rezoned from Water General (Coastal) 1 (WG1) to Water Civic (WCi) as described in the Land Use Bylaw (see the map below for the location of the WCi area). A site-specific amendment to the WCi Zone is proposed for the community dock area, i.e., Area WCi (a):

  • To permit the following additional uses: passenger carrying vessel and float plane;
  • To remove Assembly use.