Housekeeping Items

September 20, 2014

There are 5 “housekeeping” items that are part of the proposal for rezoning of Seymour Landing. The lands that are being proposed for rezoning are currently part of the Comprehensive Development 6 (CD 6) Zone in the Land Use Bylaw. The first 2 “housekeeping” items address proposed changes to the CD 6 Zone.



Currently Area 4 of the CD 6 Zone is made up of two properties — Lot 4 to the west of Lee Creek, already built on and occupied, and Lot 8 to the east of Lee Creek, currently vacant, both of District Lot 1411, Plan BCP16187. Area 4 is located immediately south of the golf course.  A maximum of two lots are permitted in Area 4.

This application proposes to change the zoning for Lot 8 from Area 4 to Area 9c (golf course use). Under the current zoning, Lot 8 is entitled to one dwelling unit. It is proposed that this one-unit entitlement be transferred to Lot 5 in Area 5 of the CD 6 Zone.

Lot 4 in Area 4 shall remain in Area 4 in compliance with its current status.

The net effect will be to allow the subdivision of Lot 5 (D.L. 1412, Plan BCP28023) in Area 5, which is currently “hooked” across Ocean Park Lane, to be registered as two separate titles. No physical servicing works are required. There will be no increase in the number of lots permitted in the combination of Areas 4 and 5 (i.e., a total of 11 in the two areas both before and after this change).



Currently Area 9 of the CD 6 Zone permits a maximum of 48 lots. Currently a total of 38 lots within Area 9 have already been subdivided or are the subject of Preliminary Layout Reviews issued by the Municipality (see the map immediately above, and the table below). Those 38 lots are not part of this rezoning application. It is proposed that the maximum number of lots permitted in Area 9 of the CD 6 Zone be reduced from a maximum of 48 to a maximum of 38.

Lots within Area 9 that have already been subdivided or that are in the process of subdivision (other than the golf course) have been, or will be, covenanted by the applicant to restrict the use to one dwelling unit per lot. On the map above, many of the lots labeled as “proposed lots” are in Area 9(b) — in these cases, even though the zoning for Area 9(b) permits more than one dwelling unit per lot as well as specified non-residential uses, the covenant will restrict use to one dwelling unit per lot. Therefore the permitted uses for Area 9(b) do not need to be amended.

Legal DescriptionTotal Number of Lots
Lot 5 (DL1411, Plan BCP16187) known as the Golf Course1
Lots 1-9 (DL1411, Plan BCP36602) at Cowan Point Dr./Seymour Bay Dr.9
Lots 1,5,6,7 (DL2450, Plan BCP51616) at Cowan Point Drive/McIntosh Lane4
Proposed Lot 1 and Strata Lots A-K (DL2449), PLR issued, BIM File No. SUB-2011-612
Proposed Strata Lots A-F from proposed Lot 4 + Proposed Strata Lots A-F from proposed Lot 5, PLR issued, BIM File No. SUB-2012-0312

Area 9(c) of the CD 6 Zone is the existing Golf Course. No changes are proposed to Area 9(c) in this application, except for the rezoning of Lot 8 from Area 4 to Area 9(c) — for more details, see #1 above.



It is proposed that a definition for the calculation of floor space ratio for a strata lot in Areas A, B, and C be as follows:

“FLOOR SPACE RATIO” for a strata lot means the figure obtained by dividing the sum of the floor areas of all buildings and structures on all strata lots in the same strata plan by the area of the strata plan, and despite anything to the contrary in this Bylaw, all access routes may be included in the area of the strata plan for the purpose of calculating floor space ratio.


Policy 151 of the Official Community Plan states: “The areas identified on Schedule B-7 are designated as Cowan Point Lands Development Permit Area for the purposes of form and character of commercial and multifamily residential development Permit.”

When the Cowan Point lands were comprehensively zoned, Section 6.7 of Bylaw No. 52, 2002 which amended the then Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 139, 1995 described the “guidelines respecting the form and character of commercial and multifamily residential development” within this Permit Area. We have asked for direction from Municipal staff as to how those guidelines may be incorporated into an instrument that Municipal staff can refer to when evaluating applications for Development Permits within this Permit Area.


After the subdivision of land for the golf course and the registration of vegetation covenants against title to portions of the golf course lands adjacent to Josephine Creek, Napoleon Creek, and Lee Creek as Charge BX117541, further talks and site investigations were conducted by interested members of the public and staff from Bowen Island Golf Association regarding potential widening and respective covenanting of additional areas adjacent to the creeks crossing the golf course. Those talks resulted in surveys and drawings which the applicant understands were accepted by both Bowen Island Golf Association and interested members of the public. The changes to widen the existing covenants have not been registered on title, but the applicant promised to register the changes on occasion of a subsequent rezoning. To fulfill that promise, the respective plans should form an integral part of the current application for rezoning.