Live/Work Complex


Concept — Live/Work Complex & Surroundings

September 20, 2014

A portion of Proposed Area 9 on Parkview Slopes (see map below) is proposed to be the site for a Live/Work Complex.

The Live/Work Complex is intended to provide buildings with enclosed spaces for use by trades, artisans, self-storage, and small businesses to manufacture, assemble, store, display, and/or warehouse materials, goods, finished and unfinished products, machinery, equipment, shelving, scaffolding, etc. primarily on the ground floors or on second level spaces that have ground-level entry/exit points.

The upper floors may include additional rental accommodation (i.e., above the shop spaces on the lower floors) which shall be in addition to the 30 “covenanted” rental units in Area 9 (see Rental Units). Rental spaces above work spaces may include rooms for boarders, and/or some “communal” living arrangement under which a single person can rent a small studio-like unit and share in a common kitchen facility to address the needs of young workers and tradespeople who otherwise could not afford to live and work on Bowen Island. The size of the residential/rental spaces shall be included in the overall Floor Space Ratio which governs all construction in Area 9.