Parkview Slopes (Summary)


Concept — Parkview Slopes


Parkview Slopes is located between Rivendell Retreat/Tir-na-nOg Theatre school to the south, Artisan Square to the east and north, Leigh Automotive Services to the north, and part of the Cates Hill neighbourhood to the west and south. Click here for a map showing Parkview Slopes in context.


Currently the area of Parkview Slopes is approximately 8.3 hectares (21 acres) in size, and is zoned for 23 single-family residential homes, and for several primarily outdoor recreation uses. The Tir-na-nOg Theatre School and Leigh Automotive Services are the only buildings on Parkview Slopes at present. (For more information, see Current Zoning.)


We proposed the following changes in May 2009 as amended in September 2014 (see the map below):

1. Rezone the Parkview Slopes area by creating two new areas in the CD 2 Zone (Cates Hill) with the following permitted uses within those new zones (see map below):

  • New Area 8 — The key of the proposal is a mixture of 75 homes (an increase of 52 units over the remaining permitted density of 23 units), composed of cottage-style “micro/eco homes” (750 to 1,150 square feet), and garden-style homes that may be configured in duplexes, triplexes, or fourplexes. A third of the homes (total 25) shall be built on non-market long-term land lease lots. The remaining 50 homes shall be market housing. (For more information, see Alternative Housing Forms.)
  • New Area 9 — This area is intended for the construction of 30 non-market rental homes in a variety of styles and sizes, plus the creation of a live-work complex to address current social and economic needs on Bowen Island. The rental homes shall be covenanted following the precedent of a covenant in place for rental units on the same property as the Municipal Hall. (For more information, see Rental Units and Live/Work Complex.)

Please note that the provision of 55 non-market housing units (i.e., 25 in Area 8, and 30 in Area 9) is more than 50% of the total proposed dwelling density on Parkview Slopes.


2. Amend the permitted uses of land, buildings and structures in existing Area 7 to retain the existing permitted uses (open space, outdoor assembly, play fields, playgrounds, hard surface courts, indoor recreation facility) plus add the following uses:

  • Indoor entertainment facility;
  • Assembly;
  • Daycare;
  • School;
  • Dwelling as an accessory use (e.g., a caretaker suite).

(For more information, see Theatre School and Related Uses.)

3. Amend Bowen Island Municipality Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 282, 2010 to change the land use designation in the OCP for the west portion of Parkview Slopes (i.e., Lot 4, District Lot 489, Plan LMP44190 except part subdivided by Plan BCP2107) from RS(e) (Rural Residential) to CHR (Cates Hill Residential) — and to extend both the Snug Cove Village Boundary and the boundary of the Snug Cove Sewer System local service area to include Lot 4. (For more information, see OCP Amendment.)

The following pages on this website provide more details about the proposed rezoning for Parkview Slopes: