Rental Units


Concept – Attached Dwelling Units on Parkview Slopes

September 20, 2014

A portion of Proposed Area 9 on Parkview Slopes (see map below) is proposed to be the site for 30 rental units to be covenanted following the precedent of a covenant in place for rental units on the same property as the Municipal Hall.

The rental units shall include:

  • Maximum of ten 1-bedroom/studio units;
  • Maximum of ten 2-bedroom units;
  • Minimum of ten 3-bedroom units (or larger).

This  mix of rental units will serve as a safeguard to ensure the ongoing variety of rental housing stock. The intent is to provide for a healthy mixture of rental homes for single or small households, and larger families, who do not want or cannot afford home ownership, a kind of housing that is rare on Bowen Island.