Servicing (Parkview Slopes)


September 20, 2014


The area of Parkview Slopes is within the boundaries of the local service area of the Cove Bay Water System. The projected water consumption for the proposed lands uses in this rezoning application is within the established reserves of Cove Bay Water System. It is anticipated that we will have to share towards an expansion of the system, including the planned water treatment facility.


Over half of the Parkview Slopes area is within the local service area of the Snug Cove Sewer System. As noted in the OCP Amendment page on this website, we have proposed that the local service area be expanded to include the remaining part of Parkview Slopes (i.e. Lot 4). If that proposal is denied, then the number of units within Lot 4 will need to be reduced based on on-site septic capacity.

In the past we expressed a willingness to help in the construction of part or all of the sewer collection trunk from the bottom of Parkview Slopes to Mount Gardner Road, with an extension west to a pump station at elevation bottom, and then east to the next available connection to an existing manhole in front of Bowen Island Community School.

While the willingness to do so still exists, we are not certain whether the need or desire for such an extension is still in place. The reasons for that are twofold. First, the originally anticipated sewage flows from the Belterra project will now be treated on site and no longer require a connection to the Snug Cove Sewer System. Second, the community lands along Mount Gardner Road (i.e., Lot 1), have not received rezoning yet, and may in fact not require sewer service due to the capacity of onsite sewage treatment via septic field(s).

For those reasons, the financial viability of the originally envisioned sewer trunk may not exist any longer. We have requested guidance from the Municipality about this subject.

It is proposed that the local service area of the Snug Cove Sewer System be expanded to include Lot 4 by way of an OCP amendment.


Hydro, tel, and cable are already at the periphery of Parkview Slopes.