Servicing (Seymour Landing)


September 20, 2014


Potable water for the Seymour Landing area (as well as for the rest of the Cowan Point development of Bowen Island Properties Limited Partnership) will be provided by Cowan Point Utility Company Ltd.

The water source for the Utility comes from Josephine Lake which, as the result of major dam construction in 2007, now has sufficient storage capacity to serve all lands owned by Bowen Island Properties Limited Partnership, including the Seymour Landing areas which are the subject of this rezoning application — plus the capacity to serve all downstream licence holders on Josephine Creek.

A slow sand filtration treatment plant was constructed in 2007 and is designed to remove or inactivate Giardia, Cryptosporidium, bacteria and viruses to the level required by the Health Authority. The treated water is stored in a reservoir and released through a distribution system to each of the lots served by the Utility.

At the time the rezoning application was submitted in 2014, 77 properties were connected, and 27 properties had been subdivided and were entitled to service by the Utility.

A 2010 review of water supply by Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. concluded there is significant remaining capacity, which will be reviewed and updated as part of the rezoning referral process.

Cowan Point Utility has instituted mandatory water conservation measures by means of a covenant registered on title of properties within the CD 6 Zone. The covenant requires the following:

  • Efficient toilets and fixtures;
  • Efficient washing machines;
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping; and
  • A prohibition on the use of Utility water for outdoor watering.

Water use of all customers is metered by the Utility.


Sanitary sewer services for the Seymour Landing area will be provided by Cowan Point Sewage Treatment Inc. Current registration under the Municipal Sewage Regulation is in the name of Cowan Point Sewage Treatment Inc. The registration is for a development that envisions 135 single family homes, a golf course, an inn, a pub/restaurant and a small commercial and retail area. The current treatment plant provides secondary treatment and the treated effluent is discharged through a marine outfall.

The treatment plant has the capability to be expanded in phases, which will be reviewed and updated by qualified experts/consultants as part of the rezoning process.


Hydro, tel, and cable are already at the periphery of Seymour Landing.