Seymour Landing (Summary)


Concept — Seymour Landing


Seymour Landing at Cowan Point covers the area between Cowan Point Drive (to the west), Seymour Bay Drive (to the north), the nine-hole golf course and Beach Drive (to the south), and Seymour Bay (to the east). Click here for a map showing Seymour Landing in context.


Currently the area of Seymour Landing is approximately 22 hectares (54 acres) in size, and is zoned for 25 dwelling units (some could be large houses on large lots), a 20-room inn (which is marginally viable at best) with ancillary uses, and a retreat centre. Currently land is mostly vacant with roads and services roughed in. (For more information, see Current Zoning.)


We proposed the following changes in May 2014 as amended in September 2014 (see the map below):

1. Add a Community Dock with associated uses for a private or commercial passenger ferry service to Vancouver and/or the North Shore. (For more information, see Community Dock.)

2. Rezone the Seymour Landing area by creating a new Comprehensive Development Zone with three areas that have the following proposed uses:

  • New Area A — An expanded Inn (double the size of the 20-room inn currently permitted in this area) to allow the Inn to be viable and sustainable. Retain currently permitted ancillary uses, i.e., restaurant, pub, office, assembly, retail, general services, golf clubhouse. (For more information, see Inn & Resort — Area A.)
  • New Area B — Add Independent/Supportive Living use by way of Secured Market Rental Housing within Area B (1), and to offer the same level of personal services to residents of privately owned “market” housing within Areas B (1) and B (2). A range of services are intended to be provided, e.g., meals, housekeeping, laundry, regularly planned activities, shuttle bus service, assistance with shopping, trips on and off the island. The proposal is for 40 Secured Market Rental Housing units in Area B (1), with another 40 units in the same area that may be rental or market units depending on demand. It is also proposed that 60 market units be permitted in Area B (2). (For more information, see Independent/Supportive Living — Area B.)
  • New Area C — Retain the currently permitted Retreat use, add Commercial Guest Accommodation use (associated with the Inn in Area A), add Assembly use to provide seminar space for “life-long” learning, add a Scandanavian-style spa facility, and increase the currently permitted 14 dwelling units to 50 dwelling units in detached and attached forms. (For more information, see Campus-Retreat & Hillside Living — Area C.)

The proposed uses focus on:

a) providing alternative and diverse housing forms (independent/supportive living, and market dwelling units in attached and detached forms), and

b) creating long-lasting new business initiatives toward the development of a sustainable local economy (the inn, independent/supportive living services, campus-retreat for life-long learning, commercial guest accommodation, and Scandanavian-style spa facility).


3. Dedicate an additional waterfront area to the existing Municipal park at Seymour Bay. (For more information, see Addition to Waterfront Park.)

4. Extend the existing trail network, and provide a new access to the waterfront in proposed Area C. (For more information, see Trails & Waterfront Access.)

5. Amend Bowen Island Municipality Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 282, 2010 to change Block 1 (an existing 0.75-hectare waterfront lot at Seymour Bay) from RS (Rural Residential) to CDA-1 (Cowan Point Comprehensive Development Area), and to amend three policies specific to the CDA-1 Area to reflect the rezoning proposal. (For more information, see OCP Amendment.)

6. Take care of some “housekeeping” proposals to move the location of some of the uses that are already included in the current zoning. (For more information, see Housekeeping Items.)

The following pages on this website provide more details about the proposed rezoning for Seymour Landing: